It’s so amazing

It’s almost

The magical
Maximo Upgrade

No downtime 

 No way!

Maximo upgrades with absolutely no downtime.
Our upgrade approach means that you can carry on using your current system, right up until the time we make the switch. No downtime, no disruption.

You should

Removes the risk 


Any issues or stumbling blocks can be dealt with before go live through unlimited testing. We sort out all the bugs and issues before we upgrade.

Come on

Don’t lose your weekend 


You can choose the most convenient time to upgrade, like just after lunch or while you have your coffee in the morning.
So, no need to lose your weekend.

How about now?

Upgrade from any version 


Whatever version of Maximo you are currently using, we can upgrade you.

Why not try it?

It works like this

  1. Get your shiny new Maximo ready
  2. Take your time and test everything
  3. Then you can train everyone
  4. Now run the magic
  5. Login to your new Maximo
  6. Job done - no downtime
  7. Live happily ever after

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