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SRO Solutions bring a practical and functional MxMobile suite of Maximo applications to the UK market.

Maximo MxMobile apps

SRO Solutions partners with the A3J Group to bring their unique MxMobile apps for Maximo to the UK market. 

A3J is a consulting firm that specialises in the maintenance/EAM industry and provides the first-class service through its innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions for clients who want to realise maximum potential from their purchased technology. 

SRO's customers will gain access to the straightforward and manageable Maximo MxMobile apps designed to perform standard Maximo tasks with greater ease and efficiency. The Maximo MxMobile apps satisfy a long-sighted need for simplified Maximo mobile deployment and operation. This exclusive suite of apps requires no additional server installation as many existing Maximo mobile solutions do.

Joe Lightfoot, Business Development Manager of SRO Solutions, says:

"It is obvious that mobility plays a crucial role in most enterprise IT systems today, and Maximo is no exception. I am incredibly excited about working with A3J and utilising their Maximo MxMobile applications for our customers. I don't think any other product on the market delivers as well on usability and simplicity to set up, which is of key benefit to businesses who often don't have the time to consider complicated mobile implementations."

The MxMobile suite enables users to download apps quickly and easily from the Apple App Store or Google Play without the help of third-party professional assistance. They are comprising of nine mobile solutions, including, e.g. the MxApprove app for accessing mobile workflows or the MxWork app for mobile work management.

Kelly Nimmo, Director of Products at A3J, says:

"As a key player in the development and architecture of the MxMobile brand I can say on behalf of the entire team that we are excited to see its value recognised by such an outstanding partner of the maintenance community. This partnership between SRO and A3J Group, two like-minded companies, presents a unique opportunity to grow our solutions within the UK under the goals of effective, useful, innovative solutions for maintenance facilities. Our team looks forward to continuing to broaden the MxMobile brand with SRO by remaining current and ahead of the curve for unique technology solutions in this changing landscape."

Joe emphasises: "This fantastic product is precisely what Maximo users need."

By partnering, SRO Solutions and A3J Group gain a like-minded partner with a progressive outlook toward new technologies and eager interest in perfecting Maximo offerings focused around exceptional user experience. With a clear understanding of the Maximo landscape, the cross-pollination of ideas will benefit both companies.

Kim Walter, the President of A3J states:

"Customer service is part of the A3J Group/MxMobile experience. We pride ourselves on having clients who have achieved their goals and are getting the maximum benefit from the technology that they have purchased. Knowing that SRO holds similar values brings comfort and ability to expand this experience within their client base with our technologies."

With the newly added Maximo MxMobile set of applications, SRO Solutions enables clients a streamlined, and faster way to deploy end-to-end mobility solution.

"This fantastic product is precisely what Maximo users need."

Joe Lightfoot, Business Development Manager at SRO

"We pride ourselves on having clients who have achieved their goals and are getting the maximum benefit from the technology that they have purchased."

Kim Walter, the President of A3J Group

"SRO MxMobile Solution brings even sleeker Maximo experience to our customers. Users can literally use their smartphones, download the MX Apps from the App Store and take advantage of Maximo “on the go”. The mobility is essential to many organisations who need holistic Enterprise Asset Management solution."

Tony Lackey, Managing Director at SRO Solution