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Building Efficiency and Employee Wellness

Building efficiency and employee wellness

Do you care about the wellbeing of your colleagues in their working environment? Are you looking to reduce the operational costs of running your facilities and utilising the building space? Join SRO Solutions at the “Building Efficiency and Employee Wellness” event on 4th June at IBM Southbank, London.

This exciting event organised by IBM, SRO Solutions and partners will focus on explaining pragmatic ways to achieve building efficiencies and increase the wellbeing of your employees/colleagues.

We will discuss and demonstrate how to obtain and utilise the insight you and your business need to maximise the efficiency of your estates' operational assets, energy usage and how you can drive increased employee wellness.

 With the specialist speakers from IBM, SRO Solutions and IA Connects the event is a great platform to exchange your views and ideas and discover how to optimise your data to improve your business operations.

See the full agenda and register here  

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Karolina Szymanska

Karolina Szymanska

Karolina Szymanska

"Embracing innovation is at the forefront of the work we do – it drives greater efficiencies in our methods and yields tangible results for our clients"

Tony Lackey, MD at SRO Solutions


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