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Have you considered upgrading?

SRO can offer SDU

There are few things that keep the IT crowd awake at night – the prospect of a system upgrade is one of them. As Maximo 7.6.0.x end of support is approaching quickly it is worth considering your options.

At SRO, we have made a point of informing our own customers that support for Maximo 7.6.0 will officially end on 30th September 2021 but many organizations may not be aware or hesitant.

So what is the risk of not taking any action?

The risk is that if any significant issues or security considerations arise after September, IBM won’t officially be offering support. IBM will no longer offer interim fixes or security patches, nor any support for bugs in the unsupported versions. Ideally, you want to be on the latest Maximo version, so your business is covered, and the software is secure. However, it is very easy for Maximo customers to lose track, especially if they handle their support in-house.

It is also the case that many companies have been poor at keeping Maximo up to date. Historically, it has been quite a heavily customized system and those customizations can get in the way of upgrading. Some businesses may well be in the position where they have never upgraded because of the headaches they know would come from doing so.


New versions are released more frequently these days and, while there is no obligation to switch immediately, most IT managers want to stay reasonably up to date. In such situations, the SDU (SRO Data Utility) product could be used to mitigate the risks and allay businesses’ concerns.”

“The upgrade tool allows the production system to be kept live at all times and creates a duplicate of the system,” SRO’s Bill Wallace, the man behind the ‘zero downtime’ upgrade tool (SDU) explains. “The ability to test the new version in advance, train staff on it and implement it knowing that things are going to go well gives clients that comfort factor.”

Bill, who supports both in-house IT teams and our business partners worldwide and now wants to see this method becoming the norm.

“Upgrades are a real hassle for many businesses – some can’t afford any downtime at all or risk major disruption, others may have only a very small support team or simply want greater peace of mind. With SDU tool, we want to create a new standard for Maximo upgrades.”

SDU removes that uncertainty and will continually sync data between the systems, while you continue normal operations. The final switchover can be arranged at a date and time convenient for your business. Click here to understand more about the SRO Data Utility tool.

So, start planning your upgrade to maintain IBM 24/7 support, be on top of Product and security fixes, and be able to utilize the latest product features.

SRO successfully completed intricate Maximo upgrades for various industry sectors and large and smaller organizations.

Contact us to discuss your upgrade project. 

About the author

Tony Lackey

Tony Lackey

Tony is a co-founder and Managing Director of SRO Solutions. An ex-seafarer himself, he was persistently striving to bring IBM's Maximo EAM to the marine industry. With a strong engineering background and innovative ideas, Tony has brought SRO to become IBM's Gold Business Partner and become one of the leading Maximo houses in the UK.  

SDU Benefits

• IBM approved global solution
• Reduces downtime
• Mitigates the risk of failure
• Enables testing and training on live data
• Offers a proven and successful approach
• Allows for “offsite” updates

SRO’s Data Utility tool is proven to eliminate downtime and provide a pragmatic upgrade and migration process that permits your business to keep running, even while software is being updated.

SDU - SRO Data Utility Solution

"For the upgrading, I would definitely recommend to contact SRO and look at the SDU tool. We have used it twice now to upgrade to different versions of Maximo. This is just a seamless transfer ..."

Dave Bowers, Engineering Manager at DP World Southampton