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COVID update - back from furlough!

Following a series of small and medium project wins in August, I am delighted to say that we have started transitioning most of our furloughed staff back to work.

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our ongoing projects, and we’ve had to redesign our plans to adjust to the circumstances quickly. However, our focus has always been on staff members.

The SRO team kept in touch and were re-uniting during weekly catch-up sessions that were designed to inform the team about the current business situation and opened up a Q&A session to answer any questions or worries. In addition, the after-hours SRO Social initiative let everyone feel a part of the team and the quiz & games sessions accompanied by a glass of their favourite drink was well attended and helped to keep up the team spirit.

SRO Social


In the world of “new normal”, we are slowly bringing back team members who can assist in the delivery of the work and who will help SRO to continue to deliver top-of-the-range service to our clients and partners. From the 1st September, we brought two of our Maximo consultants on a full-time basis and others to work part-time, while some of our colleagues remain furloughed.

We have asked the staff who are back about their experience while on furlough and feelings about coming back to work.

Vitalius Svazas, Maximo consultant at SRO, says:

In regards to furlough time, it is difficult to say anything about it. This was the first time when we were off work and got paid, so again, you don’t know how to feel about it. Overall it was positive apart from a few small issues. It was a good job on SRO part for checking on us, keeping us in line and even entertain us with weekly social Thursday evenings quiz night – SRO social.
He adds: “I can say that coming back to work after such long time on furlough was a mixture of feelings; relief, joy, fear, however, after 1’st day at work all seems to calm down and what’s left was: Yup, I’m back at work, better put my game face on.”

Joe Cook, Maximo consultant at SRO, states:

“Furlough was a good opportunity to take on training and improve on some skill sets that you don’t get time for when you are working full time.”
He also adds: “I’m glad to be back from furlough and back at work. The first week has been a bit hectic getting back in the swing of thing’s but feels good to be involved again.”

We are happy and excited to welcome some of our furloughed colleagues back on board. We are working incredibly hard to secure more business, which will bring our support and development staff back to work as quickly as possible.

Tony Lackey

About the author

Tony Lackey

Tony Lackey

Tony is a co-founder and Managing Director of SRO Solutions. An ex-seafarer himself, he was persistently striving to bring IBM's Maximo EAM to the marine industry. With a strong engineering background and innovative ideas, Tony has brought SRO to become IBM's Gold Business Partner and become one of the leading Maximo houses in the UK.  


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