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Behind the cloud: a look inside the Projetech control room.

SRO Solutions and Projetech partnership
In the picture from LHS Terry Barraclough | SRO - Business Analyst Consultant, Julie Rampello | Projetech - Vice President of Business Development, Debbie Herbers | Projetech - President and COO, Steve Richmond | Projetech - Founder and CEO, Darrel Tucker | Projetech - Enterprise SaaS Executive

SRO Business Analyst Consultant Terry Barraclough finds the secrets behind one of the world’s most experienced Maximo specialists.

Projetech is renowned in the US and beyond as a Maximo specialist and its cloud-hosted service is one of the best in the world. Having known about the firm’s abilities for over 20 years, I was delighted to be able to see inside its operation during a recent visit to the company’s HQ in Cincinnati.

My visit followed the launch of the partnership between Projetech and SRO Solutions, which allows us to offer clients Projetech’s Maximo as a Service (MaaS) solution and Projetech to use our SDU and SDR tools.

On arrival, I was welcomed by the founder himself, Steve Richmond, who gave me an informative overview of the organisation and a friendly introduction to the team.

The whole operation was impressive, particularly the control room from where the cloud operation is run, but three factors really stood out.

Firstly, I noticed how Projetech focuses on the current status of databases and uses the customer statistics dashboard to monitor uptime and user satisfaction closely.

Secondly, I was impressed by the continuous focus on improving automation (including AI) across all departments and reducing installation time for applications and upgrades from days down to hours. This is the key to an efficient cloud offering.

Finally, I loved the ability to use Projetech’s application development and report-writing capabilities - another great feature we plan to use ourselves at SRO.

A highlight for me, though, was when Steve showed me a box of Chief Advantage software - the predecessor of Maximo Advantage, which then became Maximo. It took me back 20 years to the very start of my career!

The whole day was a great experience and I am convinced that the combination of Projetech’s Maximo in the Cloud offering (MaaS) and SRO’s unique solutions SDR (data replication) and SDU (no-outage software upgrade and data migration) will lead to a successful, market-leading offering.

Thank you very much, guys - it will be a pleasure working with you!

By Terry Barraclough, SRO Business Analyst Consultant 

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Karolina Szymanska

Karolina Szymanska

Karolina is an experienced marketer. At SRO Solutions, she provides a key role in supporting the company’s growth by managing marketing activities, promoting, developing and upholding the SRO brand in our operating markets around the world.

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