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Hi Everyone, firstly thanks for checking out our new Website, we hope you like it … and secondly, thanks for reading one of our inaugural new site Blogs.

For those who follow us on LinkedIn already, you may have seen that this week SRO are “Out and About” or “oot and aboot”  depending on where you are from, this time in Syracuse, New York.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our global network of partners, our very own Bill Wallace will attend the MAXIMO Utility Working Group (MUWG) in Syracuse in collaboration with Cohesive Solutions.

Bill Wallace who pioneered the development of the SRO Data Utility and has worked on some of the world’s largest Maximo upgrades and migration projects will be available at the vendor night to explain why we’ve built up the enviable reputation as “The zero downtime guys”.

Bill will be around to demonstrate the SRO Data Utility capability and showcase how we can reduce downtime and eliminate risk from your upgrade and migration projects. We are working collaboratively with our partner Cohesive Solutions and we are looking forward to the event whereby users can come together and exchange information, methods and experiences. 

For more information about the event, please click here 

About the author

Ed Cohn

Ed Cohn

Ed is our Business Development Director with years of experience in building customer and partner relationships. Specialising in IBM Maximo Asset Management and SRO Value-added solutions.


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