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SDU - SRO Data Utility

SDU upgrades and data migration

SRO’s Data Utility tool is proven to eliminate downtime and provide a pragmatic upgrade and migration process that permits your business to keep running, even while software is being updated. The SDU accommodates for an offline upgrade and data transfer process ensuring users can remain working on legacy systems until newer versions become fully operational.

Its built-in Production Outages functionality allows for considerable downtime reduction and elimination for typical production outages. The SDU will migrate changes to data from the current production into the targeted production system which has been reconfigured. This, combined with the SDU Merge facility, enables an organisation to merge together multiple versions of Maximo while simultaneously reducing downtime.

The SDU will ensure a seamless and painless process throughout your upgrade and migration cycles. The methodology captures the ability to reduce production outages, thus ensuring users remain operational and unaffected. The SDU is an IBM globally endorsed solution.


SDU Benefits

• IBM approved global solution
• Reduces downtime
• Mitigates the risk of failure
• Enables testing and training on live data
• Offers a proven and successful approach
• Allows for “offsite” updates

"Thanks to the expert advice and assistance from the SRO team and the utilization of the SDU tool, the actual upgrade outage was approximately 50 minutes from start to finish. This remarkably short outage for this type of event is a game-changer for Ameren."

Don Cline, Supervisor, IT-Dev Asset/Work Management

"For the upgrading, I would definitely recommend to contact SRO and look at the SDU tool. We have used it twice now to upgrade to different versions of Maximo. This is just a seamless transfer ..."

Dave Bowers, Engineering Manager at DP World Southampton