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Information modelling

Allowing owners, operators and contractors to access asset data by interacting with a visual 3D model – the digital twin – of their facility or site. Provides ability to see assets and related work-order status and locations in context on an easy to navigate 3D model with the data, power and flexibility of Maximo. Pulling asset data from BIM 3D models & objects within AutoDesk (Revit), COBie & IFC files into a 3D model interfaced to our Maximo EAM/CMMS solutions and also offering a service of taking existing 2D .dwg files and converting to 3D visual models to fast-track 3D ‘BIM’ visualisation at minimum cost.  

  • import a 3D model, documents, data and rich media and link with assets, then share with all stakeholders in an easy to use and responsive visualisation

  • benefit from quick and easy retrieval of asset information by navigating a 3D model and selecting the asset of interest

  • use on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices with the same familiar interface and zero software install, else in an off-line mode when no network connectivity
  • visualisation & interaction of BIM models within Maximo / Maximo Lite, including IoT device integration with colour codes signalling key events triggered by IoT connected assets or Predicative, Preventive or Condition Based Monitoring threshold breaches

  • can be integrated with other systems to provide ordering and/or procurement functionality directly from the 3D model

  • improved collaboration and handover from Design & Build phase to MRO phase as part of the overall BIM process and projects

Benefits of Visualisation

  • Responsive 3D visualisation 
  • Quick and easy asset information retrieval 
  • Use on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices 
  • Off-line mode when no network connectivity
  • Visualisation & interaction of BIM models within Maximo EAM
  • IoT device integration
  • Colour codes signalling key threshold breaches 
  • Procurement functionality possible 


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