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IoT solutions

IoT sensing

SMART assets

Converting ‘dumb assets’ to ‘smart assets’ by retrofitting IOT sensing capability and/or interfacing your existing BMS or SCADA systems to our Maximo solutions, or your incumbent CAFM/ EAM /CMMS / bespoke solutions. Our focus on Edge computing (only transmitting the critical data and events) will aim to keep solutions simple and costs low. Once viability is proven these solutions can easily be scaled and enhanced through data analytics and cloud computing as required.

For your critical assets, we can apply event triggers locally from the Edge (smart gateway) or from Big Data analytics in the cloud, or else take trend readings to inform your maintenance teams of an actual or potential risk of failure or to improve the effectiveness.

Benefits of Visualisation

  • Any retrofit or new ‘sensing’ scenario covered
  • SRO IoT partners Ecosystem 
  • A simple & low-cost approach
  • Fast implementation
  • Proven concept & value
  • Reinforced Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programmes
  • Improved uptime, reliability, productivity
  • Reduced operating cost


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