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SRO Innovation Solutions


Digital Innovation Consulting Services for Smart Operations

Supporting owner, operator or construction partner in understanding ‘technology art of possible’ to deliver their desired business outcomes.

SRO IoT solutions

Digital is just as important as bricks & mortar in today’s built environment sector.

Guidelines and standards such as BIM, ISO19650-3, NEC4 Design Build Operate contract, UK Government Soft Landings, etc. are forcing the construction industry, owners & operators to look at the whole asset lifecycle and apply technology to drive business outcomes such as sustainability, asset performance, productivity, cost reductions, H&S, traceability, compliance, wellbeing, experience, etc. For an industry prominently focussed on the ‘bricks & mortar’ to complete the Design & Build phase, understanding the ‘digital’ aspect and expanding horizons to look into the operational phase, where typically +80% of the total cost of ownership and carbon footprint is found, is a significant challenge but also a significant opportunity.

 "The technology art of possible" - SROi can join the dots.

The first step for any owner, operator or construction partner is to understand the ‘technology art of possible’ as they look to shape a digital strategy that will deliver desired business outcomes for their assets – whether those assets be a hospital, university, offices, residential, or sub-assets such as rooms, HVAC, lighting, specialist equipment. There’s a danger at this stage that the Owner/Operator could either put all eggs in one basket and hand the problem over to an OEM supplier who’ll be more than willing to lead the client into proprietary solutions, or perhaps work with an abundance of partners where the risk would be to create disparate bunch siloed technology & data sources rather than a coherent, joined-up digital strategy. Not one organisation has the solution to all these challenges, hence why SRO Solutions have brought together a complementary ecosystem of partners to deliver a modular, interoperable,  ‘cradle to grave’ approach to Smart Asset Management.

Smart Enterprise Asset Management: Ecosystem Partners offering

SRO Innovation partnership

Interoperable and modular Smart Asset Management Platform underpinned by a complementary ecosystem of partners.


Digital Innovation Consulting Services for Smart Operations:

Supporting owner, operator or construction partner in understanding ‘technology art of possible’ to deliver their desired business outcomes

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Visualisation (Information modelling)

The owners, operators and contractors can access asset data by interacting with a visual 3D model – the digital twin – of their facility or site.

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IoT - sensors and gateways

We can convert your assets to SMART assets by retrofitting IOT sensing capability and interfacing your existing BMS or SCADA systems to our Maximo solutions.

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"Embracing innovation is at the forefront of the work we do – it drives greater efficiencies in our methods and yields tangible results for our clients"

Tony Lackey MD

The ecosystem of expert partners 

Our ecosystem leading the UK & global partners provide expertise in IoT, BMS/SCADA integration, Common Data Environment (CDE), Data Analytics, BIM, 3D modelling and Digital Twins, Asset Management, E-procurement, FM consulting, and supported by academic rigour ensuring an independent perspective and innovation excellence. This unique collective offering allows Owners & Operators to focus on their desired business outcomes and leave the headache of Interoperability, Open Standards, Non-proprietary Best-in-breed, Re-useable data, Future-proof, Fit-for-purpose and required underpinning technologies to us.


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