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SRO Data Replication

Data Replication

SRO’s Data Replication provides a trusted and recognised data synchronisation capability enabling you to maintain data across all your locations effectively. 

SRO data replication

Whether at your headquarters, regional office or remote sites, our Data Replication empowers your business by enriching applications through the use of real-time information, capturing data that is only pertinent. It automatically compresses, recovers and encrypts data down to a more manageable size making it easier to handle.   

Remote offices can obtain the same quality of service that a connected site receives, irrespective of high latency or low bandwidth restrictions. Data Replication sessions are recovered from failure and prevent the need for manual intervention. Data is delivered in the way you have instructed it to be, based on the rules which are predetermined by technical consultants within your business.

SRO data replication


SDR is a unique, proven, application agnostic, highly configurable data synchronisation tool that enables disconnected remote sites full access to up-to-date information through dependable session-based data replication. 

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