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SDR for Maximo

Oil rig data replication

SRO’s Data Replication Solution ensures data is replicated quickly and with minimal interference to your organisation’s operations.

SDR enables disconnected remote sites such as regional offices, ships, offshore assets, laptops and mobile workers full access to up-to-date information through dependable session-based replication. Our replication solution is a unique, proven, application agnostic, highly configurable data synchronisation tool. The SDR has a longstanding client base with proven global use cases.

SDR can provide full flexibility on licenses and replication networks to best suit your business, even dispersing your network replication schedule to ensure a central system is not overwhelmed. As well as this, SDR provides the unique functionality of allowing a user to configure fragments of data instead of entire rows – this enables users to reduce their replication bandwidth enormously while still receiving their pertinent data.

The SDR's built-in collision handling tool prevents two variations of the same record. The ‘silent collisions’ usually cause replication to stop and someone would have to choose between the records manually.

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SDR Infographic

Maximo Marine for Oil and gas

Marine industry

Data replication is connecting data beyond your network... especially appreciated within the industries experiencing connectivity issues.

Data Replication solution

Data Replication Solution brochure

Open our Data Replication brochure to read more about how SDR can ensure better performance for mobile and remote users, without compromising data integrity of your disconnected operations.

SDR Benefits

  • Data automatically encrypts, compresses and synchronises
  • Built-in collision handling
  • Highly configurable
  • Copes with high latency and low bandwidth availability
  • No manual intervention required
  • Intelligent session recovery
  • Heterogenous data replication

"Overall, and with experience of other replication solutions which has required many hands to keep it going, SDR is a solution which, in the main, runs continuously and which requires little support"

Maximo IT Product Owner for an Offshore Drilling company

SRO’s Data Replication provides a trusted and recognised data synchronisation capability enabling you to maintain data across all your locations effectively.

SDR - SRO Data Replication Solutions


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