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Maximo Software

Maximo Asset Management

SRO’s engagement model, coupled with IBM Maximo Software can aid with building and defining a system that is fit for purpose. Guiding an organisation, where possible, and covering everything from discovery through to deployment.

The implementation of Maximo is a truly collaborative effort and guarantees a far more detailed picture of an organisation’s global asset portfolio.

This service is useful for clients who are either procuring asset management or computerised maintenance solution for the first time or those who wish to enhance an incumbent system. It is especially advantageous when companies reach a size where they require a CMMS to manage assets rather than continuing with a manual process. The majority of our consultants are industry professionals with an IT background who have learnt to use Maximo, so they understand the practical challenges that arise during the implementation and configuration processes.

SRO can put you in the driving seat, understanding costs, highlighting efficiencies and creating improvements. We strive to be an independent and trustworthy partner of choice for all our clients.

  • Location/Function, work, and cost history
  • Location and equipment hierarchies and networks
  • Roll-up costs across systems, subsystems, service and locations
  • Asset Modeling, Spare Parts, Attributes, Meters and Attached Documents with logical inclusion downstream
  • Asset Safety Hazard elimination and LOTO capabilities
  • Manage inventory across storerooms and sites for better visibility and shared part usage
  • Inventory optimisation and planning tools help stock the right level of inventory to meet demand.
  • Eliminate costly off-contract buying by establishing approved vendors and contracts.
  • Associate Service Level Agreements to contract and monitor vendor performance.
  • Comprehensive functionality to fully manage receipts, inspections and vendor payments.
  • Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Maximo Business Intelligence Packs Targets Power Users and their skill set providing a very effective combination in analysing Maximo data
  • Built on industry-leading Cognos business intelligence software
  • Standardise HS&E practices and Integrate these practices with day-to-day operations management.
  • Operators log through the management of change to risk assessment as well as the traditional incident management, Investigation and correction.
  • Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control.
  • Visual Scheduling and Assignment tools ensure assignment of the right person, with the right n with visibility to Assets, Location, Maskills
  • Resource Optimizatioterial and Tools availability.
  • Drag-and-drop team assignments accelerate schedule optimisation.
  • Job plans for recurring tasks capture best practices and procedures
  • Preventive/Predictive/Recurring Maintenance.
  • Manage labour, skills, qualifications
  • Mobile enablement for better point of failure data collection

"SRO's experience has proven invaluable in implementing our Asset Management System."

Marcus Russell, Consultancy Supervisor at Oil Spill Response Ltd

"The real difference with Maximo is its flexibility and configurability"

DP World Southampton