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MxMobile suite of Maximo applications

Maximo MxMobile solutions

IBM Maximo specific MxMobile applications take some of the most requested clients' wishes over 15+ years of consulting and actualises them. Our goal is to provide the best solution - one that is configurable and has the right bells and whistles, not just every bell and whistle. 

The applications are streamlined, smart, and designed to make you faster, better, and more agile at your organisation.

SRO Maximo MxMobile Applications are: 

- Easy to deploy

- Simple to use

- Free to try

A mobile application designed to capture information about work performed for IBM Maximo Asset Management.
  • Find work orders via saved query, smart search, barcode/QR code scan, Google Maps and more
  • Create new work orders on the go
  • View info like tasks, attachments and safety data 
  • Recording Info such as failure codes and work logs
  • Finger-tip electronic signature
  • Complete work orders in the field

A mobile Maximo app focusing on real-time data recording. It promotes efficiency and data accuracy.
  • View & enter meter readings
  • View meter trends in graphical format
  • Locate equipment
  • View raw meter reading data
  • Use data to enhance CBM initiatives
  • Create meter readings while offline

Maximo MxMobile approve app
A mobile workflow inbox for Maximo. MX Approve can approve or reject various system records.
  • View your workflow inbox
  • Review assigned records
  • Accept, reject and reassign assignments
  • Configure record views

Maximo MxMobile count app
A mobile application performing physical counts of stocked items within Maximo.
  • Perform counts of stocked items
  • Identify and correct inventory balance errors
  • Perform intelligent searches (including scanning)
  • Record real-time counts in Maximo
  • Receive immediate feedback when variances occur


A Maximo mobile app that allows the warehouse staff to issue parts and material to work orders.
  • Issue and return parts from inventory
  • Complete or create new usage records
  • Get immediate feedback if balances are exceeded
  • Perform intelligent searches (including scanning)
  • Work in disconnected mode

Maximo MxMobile receive app
A mobile Maximo App that allows users to receive parts and material from external
  • Receive stock replenishment items
  • Receive one-off material lines
  • Perform intelligent searches (including scanning)
  • Work in disconnected mode

MxMobile Maximo reserve app
A mobile Maximo inventory reservation app that offers Amazon-like experience.
  • Access the full item catalogue
  • Perform intelligent searches (including scanning)
  • See availability info, cost, open purchases and reservations
  • See item images
  • Add items to shopping cart and checkout to create MRs
  • See past orders

Maximo mobile admin app
A real-time mobile monitoring MX Admin app manages day-to-day maintenance activities of Maximo environment on the go.
  • View critical Maximo environment info
  • Register multiple IBM Maximo environments
  • View real-time status info
  • Monitor cron tasks and integration queues
  • Monitor login usage and memory usage

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  • Fast, easily accessible mobile solutions with a quick time to value
  • Cost-effective - no additional server or infrastructure required
  • A suite of mobile applications that target key role-based tasks
  • Quick and easy to download and deploy creating a simple and smooth user experience
  • Maximo MxMobile designed to be as easy as apps in other industries
  • Delivers offline capability that is crucial across these industries

"This fantastic product is precisely what Maximo users need."

Joe Lightfoot, Business Development Manager at SRO

"We pride ourselves on having clients who have achieved their goals and are getting the maximum benefit from the technology that they have purchased."

Kim Walter, the President of A3J Group

SRO MxMobile Maximo Applications brochure

"SRO MxMobile Solution brings even sleeker Maximo experience to our customers. Users can literally use their smartphones, download the MX Apps from the App Store and take advantage of Maximo “on the go”. The mobility is essential to many organisations who need holistic Enterprise Asset Management solution."

Tony Lackey, Managing Director at SRO Solution