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Maximo Health Check

Maximo Health Check

Discover how to optimise your Maximo performance.

Your personal SRO Maximo Health Check will enable your organisation to analyse how efficiently you are utilising
Maximo. As your business needs change over time, your EAM system will benefit from regular check-ups and fine-tuning. SRO will provide a holistic review of your system, including technical systems, business processes & user
adoption, to provide an objective summary, including recommendations.

What is included in your free health check?

SRO Maximo Health Check process

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Maximo Health Check Benefits

  • Mitigate the performance deterioration
    You ensure the integrity of your data by taking preventative action to detect issues.
  • Pinpoint improvements
    You create your own Maximo Roadmap aligned with IBM’s development plans to optimise your assets performance and lifecycle.
  • Maximo resilience
    You gain rapid and actionable recommendations to increase the quality of your Maximo experience.


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