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Maximo as a Service

Maximo as a Service

SRO can help realise the benefits of a genuinely functional Maximo cloud according to your business needs.  

SRO’s Maximo as a Service offering provides our clients with a private and secure Maximo Asset Management suite of applications, configurable to meet your business needs and accessible via the internet hosted in the cloud. The cloud-hosted solution offers the ability to maximise return on investment, removing the worry of on-premise capital expenditure, infrastructure and maintenance costs. Whether it be a new implementation of Maximo or an existing and mature environment, the cloud-hosted solution provides a scalable, highly available, secure and high-performance platform to drive the essential business operations.

Maximo as a Service value drivers


One-stop service for Maximo® solution components including software, middleware, database, reporting, support, operating system, infrastructure, system monitoring, integrations, and mobility.

Peace of Mind

Highly available system; 24x7 monitoring; best practice back-up, restore and disaster recovery service; Maximo® as a  Service remains available via a URL even if your place of business experiences a disaster.


Fast highly available systems on continuously upgraded infrastructure.

Client-Centric Focus

Support is provided 24x7 by an experienced, certified resource and the service is governed by established change control procedures when scheduling and completing Maximo® system maintenance and downtime; client approved Maximo® system patches and upgrades. Our commitment is to drive continual improvement across all aspects of our business to enhance our clients’ experience. This constant service improvement cycle is led by ITIL Certified Service Delivery Management, based on client satisfaction metrics captured within our ticket management system and from feedback obtained during service review meetings.

Scalable Solution

The Pay-as-you-grow model scales the solution to match the load and usage of the Maximo® application with a user
subscription-based model.

Time to value

Proprietary tools that make the deployment of the provisioned
environments quick, reliable, and consistent, accelerating the time to value.


Removes variability from complex routine activities, e.g., installations, upgrades, license compliance reviews, year-end processing option.

Allows Client to focus on their core business

The reliable and secure the solution allows our clients to shift the focus of their IT resources to their business’s strategic development.

MaaS Benefits

  • One Production Dedicated Maximo
  • One Non-Production Maximo – as standard, we can support more
  • 99.99% Availability for Production
  • Licensing can be included on a subscription basis or option to Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL)
  • Maximo Industry Expertise
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Proactive Security / Privacy
  • Continuously Upgraded Solution
  • License Compliance Monitoring
  • 24x7 Support for Business-Critical Incidents
  • Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3 Support
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery Services
  • Secure 3rd Party Reporting Access
  • Data Belongs to the Client
SRO rebrand

"SRO Solutions were able to mobilise really quickly when my business needs changes and we moved to Maximo in the cloud... The team implemented the CMMS solution on time and did it very professionally"

Mark Roberts, Head of Engineering, Bioenergy


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