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Maximo as a Service migration tool powered by SRO's SDU

SRO’s MaaS cloud migration tool is powered by proven and globally recognised SRO Data Utility. SDU simplifies the process of moving your Maximo environment into the cloud, saving you time and money.

Maximo as a service can help your organisation to realise the benefits of a genuinely functional, secure Maximo cloud configured to suit your business needs. The cloud-hosted solution offers the ability to maximise return on investment, removing the worry of on-premise capital expenditure, infrastructure and maintenance costs.

However, the process of migrating your Maximo data into the cloud is often associated with costly downtime and incompatibility issues.

SRO’s MaaS cloud migration tool transforms the process, is reliable and guarantees stress-free migration:

- zero downtime for your business

- no incompatibility issues

- significant savings related to both cost and time

We’ve already helped organisations of all sizes, from across many industries to move their Maximo solution into the cloud. If you’d like to know more about how it works and how we might help you, contact SRO for a free evaluation of your current system, and a report on how moving to SRO MaaS could benefit you!

Maximo as a Service 

SRO’s Maximo as a Service offering provides our clients with a private and secure Maximo Asset Management suite of applications, configurable to meet your business needs and accessible via the internet hosted in the cloud. 

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SRO Data Utility 

SRO’s Data Utility tool is proven to eliminate downtime and provide a pragmatic upgrade and migration process that permits your business to keep running, even while Maximo software is being updated. 

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Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

SRO’s engagement model, coupled with IBM Maximo Software can aid with building and defining a system that is fit for purpose. 

Learn more about Maximo EAM

"SRO Solutions were able to mobilise really quickly when my business needs changes and we moved to Maximo in the cloud... The team implemented the CMMS solution on time and did it very professionally"

Mark Roberts, Head of Engineering, Bioenergy


  • Better integration – SDU runs in parallel to your Maximo capturing and migrating all data from the live system. It allows users to continue working in live whilst the migration is in progress.

  • Reduced costs - The migration is completed with no disruption to production or operations. By eliminating the cost of downtime, you can refocus your budget into other business areas.

  • Saving IT staff time - the use of the SDU will help you avoid downtime and disruption to the in-house staff daily responsibilities, leaving them free to focus on other tasks to support the strategic development of the business.



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