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Maximo’s industry solutions were born out of opportunities to capitalise on Maximo’s powerful configuration and customisation capabilities, applying them to Maximo within the context of IBM’s deep industry expertise.
As we are trained engineers first, we can utilise our skill set to cope with Maximo implementations across various industries. We understand the demands of keeping equipment in fully operational condition regardless of the sector you work in.

Maximo Asset Management for Utilities provides industry-specific asset management capabilities for electric, gas and water transmission and distribution.

Maximo for Utilities is an Enterprise Asset Management solution that allows utilities to consolidate multiple work and asset management solutions into a single platform and database. This includes bringing together assets such as transmission, distribution, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, vehicle fleet and facilities. It helps utilities increase assets and resource effectiveness by providing a platform to support all types of asset classes.


SRO for utilities

Use Maximo for Transportation to improve the productivity of critical transportation assets and to address stringent regulatory requirements.

Maximo for Transportation provides Enterprise Asset Management best practice to improve the productivity of all types of transportation assets. Assets include fleets of cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, rail vehicles, aircraft, vessels and related linear assets.
The software helps to:
  • meet regulatory requirements
  • extend asset life
  • optimise parts management
  • reduce road calls
  • increase planned maintenance.

Maximo Asset Management for Oil and Gas provides industry-specific asset management capabilities for on and offshore industry environments.

Maximo for Oil and Gas is a comprehensive EAM solution that helps manage production equipment, facilities, transportation and infrastructure assets on a single, integrated platform. It helps organisations improve safety, reliability and compliance performance. It does this while reducing costs through standardisation, convergence, collaboration and the adoption of better operational practices.

Oil rig asset management

SRO Solutions’ heritage and unrivalled Maximo knowledge within the sector positions us as the partner of choice for Maximo marine implementations. For over a decade, our unique SDR ship to shore data replication capability combined with determining Maximo’s conformity with various maritime classification societies ensures your software conforms to recognised industry standards and international conventions. We are the only Maximo consultant in the world capable of delivering this service.

Maximo for Marine