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SRO Asset Management Solutions

Asset Management

With a relentless stream of data from people, sensors and devices – Asset Management can be challenging. With the help of IBM Maximo, SRO can offer a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common enterprise platform. With Maximo, you can maintain all asset types, check their health in real-time and streamline an organisation’s global operations.

Maximo is recognised as the leading asset management software and we have the hands-on engineering knowledge required to utilise Maximo to its full potential.

Our offerings will increase asset lifecycle, enabling clients to use their equipment to its maximum capacity for longer. Working alongside the Enterprise Asset Management platform, our agile software deployment ensures that projects are delivered to the highest quality, on time and on a budget – identifying costs more accurately and providing satisfaction consistently.

Our commitment to training and support guarantees there are no gaps in the understanding of our clients who are either learning to use this product for the first time or wishing to enhance their existing operation further.SRO IBM Gold Business Partner

Maximo Software

SRO’s engagement model, coupled with IBM Maximo software, can aid with building and defining a system that is fit for purpose. Guiding an organisation, where possible, and covering everything from discovery through to deployment.

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Maximo as a Service

SRO Solutions can provide Maximo as a Managed Service – simply hosting Maximo – or offering a more in-depth capability with application and database support, as well as facilitating with infrastructure management. 

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Maximo Migrations & Upgrades

SRO’s Data Utility tool is proven to eliminate downtime and provide a pragmatic upgrade and migration process that permits your business to keep running, even while software is being updated.

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Maximo Health Check

Your personal SRO Maximo Health Check will enable your organisation to analyse how efficiently you are utilising
Maximo. As your business needs change over time, your EAM system will benefit from regular check-ups and fine-tuning

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Maximo MxMobile

IBM Maximo specific mobile applications focused on the ease of use, availability and efficiency. SRO MX Mobile Maximo solutions are available to download from the app stores and easily configurable to align to suit your specific organisation's needs.

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SDR for Maximo

Maximo data needs to be accessible and available across your organisation’s main and remote site locations, regardless of data communication latency and bandwidth.

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Maximo for Marine

SRO Solutions heritage and unrivalled Maximo knowledge within the maritime sector position us as the partner of choice for Maximo marine implementations.

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As we are trained engineers first, we can apply our skills to cope with Maximo implementations across various industries and we understand the demands of keeping equipment in fully operational condition regardless of the sector you work in.

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SRO Support Portal

The SRO Client Support Portal encompasses all aspects of the support offering. Here you can find all the information regarding handling tickets, classification, etc. 

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MaaS Cloud Migration Tool

SRO’s MaaS cloud migration tool is powered by proven and globally recognised SRO Data Utility. SDU simplifies the process of moving your Maximo environment into the cloud, saving you time and money.

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"SRO's experience has proven invaluable in implementing our Asset Management System."

Marcus Russell, Consultancy Supervisor at Oil Spill Response Ltd

"SRO will listen to what you've got to say and work with you on the solution"

Dave Bowers, Engineering Manager, DP World Southampton

"SRO have been a great help throughout the Maximo development for us. They've answered questions as and when we need them and guided us where possible"

Ian Midgley, Logistic Manager at Oil Spill Response