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Our Charity of The Year

SRO support Muscular Dystrophy

SRO Solutions is proud to announce that this year we will be working hard to raise funds for a charity that is very close to our hearts, Muscular Dystrophy UK. This charity works closely with individuals and families to help beat muscle-wasting conditions.

One of us has a family member who suffers from muscle wasting condition and SRO feel that as a team who support one another very strongly, we want to help and be involved in Muscular Dystrophy fundraising.

We are 100% on board with our mission to raise £10k, even if this means jumping out of a plane or simply wearing orange for the day.

We hope you can join us and help - visit SRO Just Giving page to donate.

Thank you in anticipation to everyone for getting on board and joining in with our fundraising events!

To read more about the charity click here 



SRO support Muscular Dystrophy
"We feel very privileged to have had an opportunity to meet with the Lord Mayor of Manchester, June Hitchen. She took the time to listen to our intentions in supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK and wishes SRO luck on our fundraising journey."

"We went through a horrific period where our son was tested to discover what was causing him pain and severe discomfort. Finding out that he had inherited a genetic mutation causing Muscular Dystrophy was earth-shattering."

SRO support Muscular Dystrophy Charity

Support Muscular Dystrophy with SRO Solutions